Article 1 – Duration of stay :

The tenant signing the present contract concluded for a fixed period may under no circumstances avail himself of any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

Article 2 – conclusion of contract / means of payment / tourist tax :

The reservation becomes effective once the tenant has sent the owner a deposit of 25% of the total rental amount, with a minimum of one night’s stay, and a copy of the contract signed before the date indicated on the contract. A second copy is to be retained by the tenant.

Under no circumstances may the rental agreed between the parties to the present contract benefit, even partially, a third party, whether a natural person or a legal entity, without the written agreement of the owner. Any infringement of this provision may result in immediate termination of the rental agreement, with the tenant being held responsible, and the proceeds of the rental agreement remaining the property of the owner.

Payment can be made in cash or cheque. To allow payments by credit card or vacation vouchers, the management of the contract drawn up by the owner will be transferred to Gîtes de France Gironde.

The visitor’s tax (80 euro cents / night / person) is not included in the nightly rate. This tax is collected by the owner at the time of payment, and is paid to Bordeaux City Council.

Article 3 – No right of withdrawal:

For bookings made by post, telephone or internet, the tenant does not benefit from the right of withdrawal period, in accordance with article L121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code relating in particular to the provision of accommodation services supplied on a specific date or at a specific time.

Article 4 – Cancellation by the tenant:

All cancellations must be notified to the owner by letter, e-mail or SMS.

  • a) Cancellation before arrival : The deposit remains the property of the owner. The owner may ask for the balance of the stay if the cancellation is made less than 2 weeks before the scheduled arrival date.
    If the tenant does not show up before 8:00 pm on the arrival date indicated on the contract, the present contract becomes null and void and the owner may dispose of the room. The deposit also remains the property of the owner, who will request payment of the balance of the rental.
  • b) if the stay is shortened, the rental price remains the property of the owner. No refund will be made.

Article 5 – Cancellation by the owner:

The owner will inform the tenant by letter, e-mail or sms and will refund all sums paid, as well as an indemnity at least equal to that which the tenant would have paid if the cancellation had occurred on this date.

Article 6 – Arrival time:

The tenant must arrive on the day specified at the time of booking, no earlier than 5:00 pm and no later than 8:00 pm. For arrivals outside this time, the tenant must make a request by e-mail or by phone +33.(0)6.33 .27.57.30.

In the event of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must also inform the owner. By e-mail, sms or phone call.

Article 7 – Check-out time:

Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. at the latest.

Article 8 – Payment of the balance:

The balance of the stay must be paid on arrival, on the customer’s initiative.

Article 9 – Change of room:

The owner reserves the right to change the room initially booked by the customer for a room of the same or greater capacity, without any change in the rate charged at the time of booking, and without the customer being entitled to claim any compensation whatsoever.

Article 10 – Art of living and use of the premises:

In order to guarantee the well-being of Le Clos Labottière’s guests, each guest is asked to ensure the peaceful nature of the room, the common areas, the garden and the swimming pool, and to use them in accordance with the intended purpose of the premises. No meals may be taken in the rooms. The customer undertakes to return the rooms in perfect condition at the end of his/her stay, to report any damage and to assume the financial responsibility for repairing it.

Article 11 – Use of the swimming pool:

the swimming pool is in use during the season, generally from May to September, and is accessible to guests from 10:00 to 19:00, on the express condition that they have signed the liability waiver presented by the owner. The owners will explain how to use the pool’s safety system (electric shutter). In your room, you will find detailed recommendations on pool safety and a sheet explaining how to use the remote control to open and close the safety shutter.

Article 12- cigarettes :

The entire house is a non-smoking area.

Article 13 – capacity:

Le Clos Labottière’s rooms can each accommodate 1 to 2 people. If the number of guests for a given room is greater, the owner is entitled to refuse additional guests, without this constituting a modification or breach of the rental contract. Consequently, no refund will be made.

Article 14 – Pets: Pets are not allowed.

In the event of departure of a customer motivated by the refusal of his animal, no refund can be considered.

Article 15 – Modification of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale :

The present conditions of sale may be modified at any time and without prior notice. Acceptance of and compliance with these terms and conditions of sale are deemed acquired as soon as the deposit has been paid.